Empty the fekin bins, guys

February 19, 2008

Well done. It only took you five days. Perhaps next week it’ll only take you four days. Progress eh?


5 Responses to “Empty the fekin bins, guys”

  1. golightly21 said

    (did it smell very very bad, oh dear.)

  2. barnicoat said

    Whose bin was causing trouble?

  3. digitallaura said

    There’s nothing worse than the stench of bin juice.

  4. steverose7 said

    you should have thrown your bins into a bigger bin

  5. kwiss said

    It didn’t smell too bad, and at least the seagulls (I live in Brighton) didn’t get to them. The bin men hadn’t emptied them because of fears they are about to be replaced by new communal bins, as it were

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